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The UK, bless it, has unfortunately taken the route we suspected it of fancying three years ago (when we shipped off to see what the rest of the world was up to). Celebrity worship has always baffled me but at least in the past these ‘idols’ did actual possess some distinct talent that had catapulted them into the tabloids… not now, with the rise of a whole host of ridiculous ‘reality’ shows, whose subjects now claim the press inches previously reserved for interesting people.

I’m frankly horrified at the thought that kids of all ages, across the country, perceive the talentless clothes horses on ‘The Only Way is Essex’, ‘Made in Chelsea’ or ‘Scousewives’ as aspirational figures. From what I’ve seen of these shows you’d believe that all you need to succeed in the UK is fake cosmetic enhancements over your entire body and the ability to pull a scowl whilst pouting. I’m all for making the most of your appearance but has everyone forgotten that feminist idea that maybe, just maybe, Barbie is not the best role model for our children?

I do understand that these are ‘reality dramas’ but seriously, if you can’ find people interesting enough to make up a whole show out of actual events in their lives, then don’t put them on TV. Make an actual drama.

My favourite Tweet of the week has to be from @Caryn_Franklin (of The Clothes Show fame) “Dear PR’s no one I know wants to get the ‘Little Mix Look,’ please redirect your vacuous emails to a teen mag or primary school playground.”

The only fault with that comment is that some PRs may actually direct their attentions to the younger members of society, which only perpetuates the trend. Televised talent shows aren’t intrinsically wrong, but I take issue with the over-production of these shows and the dull, manufactured products they churn out. If these really are the musical star of this generation, why haven’t they got record contracts or gigs based on their obvious and huge musical talent already? Oh wait, maybe they don’t have sufficient talent…

The only justification I can see for these vacuous mannequins is to bring some kind of hope to downtrodden working classes who can find nothing better to aspire to. Are there no more genuine heroes to look up to, or is it just easier and more profitable for a consumerist society to idolise the disposable products its lack of quality produces?

So my first pet peeve to bury for 2012 is FAKE CELEBRITIES